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Sorry, image missing. The Zurgena Railway Museum started as a project of La Asociación de Amigos del Ferrocarril de Zurgena (The Association of Friends of Zurgena Railway), the president originally being James Simpson. Sadly, he had to return to the UK. Fortunately, we now have Rafael García de la Mata Escudero who is showing his skills as a political operator as well as a down to earth hard working engineer.

The station itself was renovated some years ago by an escuela taller, a hands on builder's school, and lends itself perfectly to the use as a museum. In the Spring of 2021, a disused children's play park to the west of the station through which the line used to run to Arboleas station was donated by Zurgena Town Hall. To the surprise and delight of the members of the association, a digger exposed the original railway lines, still in situ. Since then, we have found the remains of a turntable and we have exposed the tracks. See the blog for current news.

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The intention of the Association is, primarily, to re-lay the track from Zurgena station to Arboleas station - a distance of 5.16 km and to start running locomotives backwards and forwards. Initially, these will be Diesels, but we hope to be running steam eventually as well. There will be a workshop for the renovation and maintenance of all of the rolling stock, hopefully allowing us to offer a service to other museums in the future.

In the fullness of time, we will be renovating the line between Zurgena and Huércal-Overa station, using Almajalejo station as a stepping stone. Keep an eye on the Blog for up-to-date news.

Check out this website regularly as it will be continuously updated.